Which Institutions Have The Most Sci & Eng Researchers in Sri Lanka?

For some innovation eco-system work I have been doing, I came across some startling numbers that give us a sense of the narrow pool of researchers in science and engineering subjects. According to data available on the new Sri Lanka Innovation Dashboard, an initiative by COSTI, University of Moratuwa leads the way as the leading institution with science and engineering researchers, University Peradeniya is a distant second, and the other universities trail behind.

Meanwhile, public R&D institutions (PRIs) like the NERD-Centre (located in the Ekala Industrial Zone) ranks quite high. The Industrial Technology Institute, which is a key focal point for private sector industries seeking S&T solutions to their problems, ranks surprisingly low. Meanwhile, I need to find out by SLINTEC (Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology) doesn’t come up in the top 10, given there success at attracting many nanotech scientists into their PPP-structured outfit.

What I’m probably most surprised about, though, is that there are only 4 universities in this top 10, even though universities probably get much more funding, overall, than these other institutions.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.22.54 PM.png


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