Al Jazeera Interview

Al Jazeera has been keen, for some time now, to run a story on Sri Lanka’s recent policy shifts relating to foreign land ownership. I first flagged it back in 2014, when the government introduced highly restrictive laws that were poorly designed, had serious loopholes, and hurts our FDI attractiveness. This week, Al Jazeera featured Sri Lanka in its ‘Counting the Cost’ programme, with a special focus on foreigners owning land in Sri Lanka and also the broader climate for foreign investment. I was asked to share some views on FDI attraction, policy shifts, and overall investment climate. Skip to around the 12-minute mark in the video for the Sri Lanka segment.

Quoting from the story:

Sri Lanka opens doors to foreign investors

Twenty-five years after a brutal civil war, Sri Lanka is beginning to see a big increase in tourism numbers.

In 2015, almost 1.8 million people came to the formerly troubled island, up nearly 18 percent on 2014.

Elected a year ago, the government is now trying to turn Sri Lanka into a destination for foreign investors – the most important being foreigners. Individuals and companies will now be allowed to own Sri Lankan land.

Anushka Wijesinha, the chief economist at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, joins the programme to discuss the new investment drive



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