A Rock Concert That’s Keeping A Roman Relic Relevant

During a recent work visit to Switzerland I had a bit of down time and decided to visit some lesser-known sights in the country. I stumbled upon this Roman era amphitheatre
located in present day Avenches (Aventicum, back then). It so happened that this area was celebrating its 2000 year anniversary. The amphitheatre saw intense entertainment in the Roman era, where gladiators fought Bears and Lynx as 16,000 spectators looked on. The structure is nowhere near as impressive as the Collseum in Rome, and so it would easily be forgotten an
d derelict. Yet, guess what has kept it alive and relevant after all these years? A rock concert! Just last week, this Amphithéâtre Romain d’Avenches hosted a massive 3-day rock concert with 8,000 young people flocking to this Roman relic. I couldn’t help thinking – “Now THAT’S how you keep a relic relevant!” I also wondered, what are the chances of having a rock concert at the base of Sigiriya Rock? The organisers would pay a premium fee to the Sigiriya authorities, and tickets would have a small top up fee that each concert-goer would need to pay as his/her contribution. Money raised from it could go towards upkeep, improving facilities and enriching the museum, as well as heightened security to ensure everyone is careful of the ruins.

Here’s a panorama of the whole structure, taken as workmen were taking down the rigs from after the concert. Best viewed large, so just click on it. (And excuse my alteration over drive in the title – I couldn’t help myself!)


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