Clinical Look, Clever Tactic

I’m posting this as I walk around the duty-free shops at Dubai airport, killing time during a long layover.

Have you noticed how sales assistants at cosmetic and skincare product stores like Clinique or Kiehl’s in airport duty-free wear white coats that are identical to those worn in laboratories (and also by pharmacists)? It’s a very clever strategy of subliminal messaging by these brands. IMG_2960What it probably aims to do is to tap into our subconscience and form an impression in the mind that “these products have been carefully researched in a lab, clinically tested and have medical backing” . It’s not really misleading because these brands do go through a lot of rigorous R&D and clinically-tailoring products to different skin types and problems. Yet to have the sales reps wear the white gowns is a stretch. Surely none of them would be experts in the science of the products, but experts at explaining the benefits to potential customers. But a clever strategy nevertheless…

Do you feel more confident and trusting of these products and their promise when you see the person advising and selling you the product wearing the white lab/clinical coats?


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