The Curionomist 10-minute Podcasts | #1: Presidential Manifestos and Public Spending

I’m launching a series of 10-minute podcasts on this blog, to share with you new thoughts, ideas, insights, and curious musings regarding economic issues. This first one comes on the eve of Sri Lanka’s Presidential Elections on 8th January 2015). In this I talk about 3 things: the economic agenda contained in the two candidate’s manifestos and how they are overwhelming populist (disappointing, but unsurprising); the need to reshape the narrative around the role of the state and public spending in Sri Lanka; and finally about the misuse of state resources and how it means that all of us as taxpayers have subsidised one candidate’s campaign over another’s.

Click the embedded Soundcloud clip below to listen to the podcast.

For a more comprehensive comparison of the two Presidential Candidates’ manifestos, see this article by the Pathfinder Foundation –

And for the CMEV report I refer to in the podcast, visit


2 thoughts on “The Curionomist 10-minute Podcasts | #1: Presidential Manifestos and Public Spending

  1. Why equal weight to two manifestos on increasing public spending. To avoid being more critical of …. Secondly misuse of Govt resources is a which we have seen since 1970 and creased phenomenally since 1977 Better to present the historical trends though it may displease ones whom we wish to favour

  2. […] As I argued in an earlier podcast, our tax money has been silently apportioned to subsidise the election campaign of one Presidential candidate over another. We had no say in it. It just happened. The PAYE tax your employer remitted to Inland Revenue last month? The VAT you paid on that last restaurant bill? Yes, through it you paid for Mahinda Rajapaksa’s posters, cut-outs, rallies, bath packets, freebies, and of course helicopter rides. Of course, this abuse of state resources and tax payer money during election time is not new. But clearly, it was taken to new heights in the 2015 Presidential Elections. […]

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