Sneaky End of Season Sales

End of season sales can be great ways of pulling customers into a store, and it’s a clever marketing strategy used by most high as well as low-end stores. The brands for which the franchise is owned by the Softlogic group is having a widely advertised “upto 50% off” sale at many of their branded stores to clear out last seasons wares. But it’s only once you enter the store that you realise how few items are actually on sale at all, and even from those that are, how few are on the 50% sale section. The Galleria store on Havelock Road was a real disappointment. But from the store’s point of view, they make good. I went in for the sale, found nothing that I liked on the ONE sale items rack, and ended up by one item that was not on sale but was full price. Just one rail of items was on sale. Completely disproportionate to the massive sale board outside the store. Here are some pix






One thought on “Sneaky End of Season Sales

  1. Quite a clever tactic, although very disappointing for the customer. I walked out when I found nothing suitable – I have done that twice at the Galleria outlet.

    I do wonder as to the long term sustainability of these luxury retail outlets, in the face of diminishing disposable income.

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