A Humbling Visit

Visiting Pohang Steel Corporation (POSCO) is truly a humbling experience. POSCO, started off as a fully State-owned Enterprise and later privatised, with no capital, no technology, and no experience in steel making. It was one of the many trailblazing industries established by visionary President Park, in the wake of the Korean War which decimated the country’s economy. POSCO is now the number 1 steel company in the world. The hard-rolled steel mill covers about 4 cricket stadiums. The area with the finished steel rolls covers about 10 times the square area of Nelum Pokuna. And this is just one of several mills. The port they operate to bring in raw materials, like iron ore, from all over the world is around 6-7 times the size of Hambantota Port and around 10 times the size of Colombo South Port. And this is the port of a single company. And a former SOE at that! Now that is something worth boasting about. Will Sri Lanka ever get there? Or are we already becoming too proud and too complacent of our modest post-war achievements?


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