Blackberry’s secret weapon

blackberry-bold-9000-y0-800I gave up my Blackberry Curve over a year and a half ago, with much reluctance. But it had to be done. Blackberry as a device as we know it maybe history. But as a company? Maybe not. Even though we haven’t seen it shatteringly evident in its new phones, Blackberry’s innovative capacity is it’s biggest asset. Handset sales of the Canadian tech company may be on the decline but it’s R&D certainly isn’t. The company filed over 980 patents in 2012, up by 50% from the previous year. In fact, Apple cites Blackberry patents 1,300 times in its own patent application for its iPhone. So clearly Blackberrys value lies in its R&D and innovation ability. In fact, some estimates put the value of Blackberry’s patent stockpile at a whopping US$ 1 to 3 billion!


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