26 Economists You Should Be Following on Twitter

krugman twitter

Paul Krugman, Nouriel Roubini, Kaushik Basu, and Justin Wolfers are just some of the top-notch economists that The Huff Post has just recommended as “26 Economists You Should Be Following on Twitter”. The Huff Post says,

Twitter can be a wonderful place to unearth economic news and analysis. The only problem is knowing who to follow. But fear no longer, because we have culled a list of 26 top economists on Twitter for you.

Many of them are bucking the mainstream thinking and giving ordinary citizens a richer and more relevant view of economics than ever before.

Tweets by Robert Reich (author of super new book ‘Beyond Outrage’) tweets might be particularly interesting and insightful this month as the US readies to fall or avoid falling off the so-called “fiscal cliff” and he’s had a lot to say about it lately.

I’m surprised Brad De Long has not been listed – he IS on Twitter and has great insights on economic history and political economy. Meanwhile, I’m surprised Raghuram Rajan, formerly of the IMF (youngest-ever Chief Economist) and newly appointed Chief Economic Advisor to the Indian PM (taking over from Kaushik Basu) is not yet on Twitter. Wish he was.

Here are some other economic thinkers and leaders I wish were on Twitter too – they’d have fantastic insights to share – Mohamed El-Erian, Stephen Roach, and Robert Skidelsky.

I also wish Sri Lankan economists like Prof. Premachandra Athukorala and Sarath Rajapathirana were on Twitter. We only have the privilege of hearing their incisive insights in the Colombo seminar circuit.


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